Welcome to YoTeas LLC, a new innovative online Health And Wellness Tea Cafe launched in South Florida, and committed to building an online global community and family of passionate tea lovers and consumers. We are environmentally friendly and green conscious...Joining us on our Tea Journey will provide you with not only Top Quality Organic and all Naturally Grown, And Ethically Sourced Loose Leaf Teas and Botanicals sourced from around the world but, an experience unlike any other online Tea Store. Our YoTeas family is honored to have you join us on our Tea journey to building a Community of Tea lovers, Tea Brewers and Tea drinkers who connect and share their stories and experiences about their favorite teas and herbal blends. 

 With today’s ever-changing landscape of loose-leaf teas and it's growth in popularity, we at YoTeas coupled with our years of tea knowledge, tea education and our passion for brewing, blending, and drinking loose leaf teas, and herbs, have dedicated ourselves to delivering not only top quality loose leaf teas to satisfy the aficionado and novice alike; but we also pride ourselves in providing extraordinary service to ensure every customer is educated about each tea they purchase and consume. In addition, to being knowledgeable about the health benefits Steeping into their bodies within every Brew and every Sip.

'YoTeas Mission is Cultivating Conscious, Healthy Living, One Brew,One Sip, One Cup At A Time' through the consumption of loose leaf teas, and herbs, while developing an intimate online culture and community which connects health conscious people from all walks of life that enjoy consuming loose leaf teas daily, weekly or monthly. YoTeas ensures that our teas are hand crafted in small batches, and combined with natural fragrance, and blended with real spices and herbs. What we have learned in our years of exploring, drinking, purchasing and brewing teas...is, every cup, every sip, every taste is filled with health, wellness, and goodness! 

How do we know this? After the incredible experience of working and managing one of Teavana's locations before it's closure, we've had the joy and honor of blending and tasting over three hundred varieties of loose leaf teas sourced from around the world, while learning their origin and method of processing. Every sip delivered a different tasting note to our palette, awakening all of our senses. As a result of that passion, the birth of the YoTeas Brand was born!

The one thing we know for certain and committed ourselves to accomplishing is, continuing the journey into the tea world while helping our customers to Consciously Live Healthier Lives, One Brew and One Sip at a Time!!!  So, Steep Your Curiosity And Explore Yoteas World Of Teas...

 Please browse our website and learn more about our vast variety of loose leaf teas and herbal blends, and please let us know how we can assist you on your Tea Journey and Brewing needs! Feel free to Contact Us should you have any questions or suggestions because we are a family and a community of Tea Lovers! Thank you for visiting our page and we hope you'll make the decision to become a part of our growing Community!