Feast your palette with our new Blueberry Black CBD Infused-Tea, a rich blend of organic black tea, blended with blueberries and black currant, complimenting this tea with delicious flavors to begin your day with the energy, vibrancy, and balance you need without the crash... Black teas are known to aid with heart health, lower bad LDL Cholesterol, and may improve gut health...

Organic Ingredients:  Assam black tea, dried black currants, blackberry extract, and CBD hemp oil.

Steeping Instructions: 1.5 tsp per 8oz of water

Steeping Temperature: 212°F

Steep Time: 3-5 minutes (please experiment with times based on your preference) If you would like to experiment with a cold brew, just simply brew and place in the refrigerator, or brew for 30 minutes and place over ice. 

NOTE: 2 ounces of our amazing Blueberry Black CBD Infused Tea contains approximately 250mg of CBD and 4 ounces contains approximately 500mg of CBD. 

Caffeine: High