Welcome to YoTeas Create Your Own Blend Program. A program designed to give you the customer the opportunity to customize and create your own personalized wellness tea blend.

How Does The Process Works: You first begin the process by selecting your primary tea base, which can be a pure green, oolong, black, or herbal, then you can choose to add up to three additional ingredients from our list of healing herbs and teas.

When beginning the process to personalize your tea blend- You first want to consider the reason you’re creating your personalized tea blend. What does this mean? If you’re new to the loose-leaf tea world, this is a great opportunity to get creative as you embark on your loose- leaf tea blending journey. But you first want to ask yourself, are you looking for weight loss, more energy, greater focus, relaxation, or better sleep...just to name a few? Whatever the reason, you want to read the benefits of our 100% all natural/organic herbs when making your tea blending decision and selections.

Your Base: Your base is vital to building your blend. The process begins with considering if you prefer Caffeine, Decaf, or Caffeine Free. Your base will be the bulk of your blend (at least 25%-up to 50%), everything else will be equally divided to infuse and create your perfect blend. While the options are endless, please keep it as simple as possible based on your flavor profile, such as if you enjoy fruity, grassy, floral, strong, mild… etc., but feel free to experiment and explore.

Also, consider what types of beverages you typically enjoy when choosing the herbs and teas to create your blend. Don’t be afraid to venture, this is your journey, and you get to be bold and customize the experience to bring about the enjoyment and peace of mind in knowing that what you’re consuming is healthy and delicious.The more you experience with blending, you will ultimately create your favorites that you can consume over and, over again, and eventually with excitement share with your friends and family.

Your Ingredients: This is where you get creative to ensure you keep your tea flavors balanced and flavorful. Finally, remember that when creating your personalized tea blend, it’s about your needs and the simplicity or complexity of the experience you wish to create towards better health and wellness.

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