Having A Relationship With Loose Leaf Tea:

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Consuming loose leaf tea is different for everyone because everyone's reason and relationship with consuming tea vary. Why does it vary? People may begin drinking tea for health reasons, social reasons or they're simply lovers of tea consumption, sometimes it's simply the many varieties and flavors that you can experience, which can be subjective. But, those who are consumers of loose leaf teas are literally hooked on the experience of watching the leafs open as they brew or the various colors and aromas within each brew depending on the particular tea blend. Let's face it, when we brew loose leaf teas, it's environmentally healthier for the tea consumer versus it's less flavorful neighbor tea bags.

However, what makes the loose leaf tea relationship and experience so special is it's health benefits, the ability to steep each brew more than once, and the endless flavor and blend options. Whether you prefer having a relationship with the flavors of black teas, a smooth, earthy green, or maybe a flavorful blend of various herbs, you'll receive a lot of the same benefits and appreciate every sip. Here's the deal, even though loose leaf tea leaves may all contain different levels of caffeine, what many don't know is, they also contain an amino acid called L-Theanine, which research has shown promotes and has a positive impact on our overall ability to remain relaxed and calm. Visit Us And Browse Our Selections

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