It's YoTeas Holiday Tea Time Again:

Aloycia Woods


Can you believe that it's the holidays again, It seems like it was just yesterday when we celebrated and opened our gifts under the Christmas Tree, not to mention our tea brewing. Although, we're still experiencing the Pandemic, people are out and about trying to continue living life. But, we never want to forget to practice remaining resilient, mindful, and doing our part to protect ourselves and others, so, we can continue to enjoy our holiday season and beyond.

YoTeas has comitted to ensuring that you feel your best with every brew and sip you take, so you get closer to feeling healthier and more energized this holiday season and into a healthy and prosperous New Year. As a tea-holic it's my mission to ensure YoTeas is always focused on cultivating conscious healthly living through all natural organic loose leaf teas, and all natually produced CBD products. Our health is our wealth, so it has to be a priority to focus on living healthier lives, to ultimately do all the things we dream and desire. 

During the holidays people tend to binge on everything and anything, even if it's not good for them. But, what most don't realize is, most of us eat the things that are not good for our blood types, which we will deep dive into in our next blog post. If you're willing to consume healthier beverages we offer a variety of loose leaf teas sourced from around the world through our vendors. We never carry teas with artificial ingredients, and all of our teas are always organic because we care about what our customers put into their bodies. 

If you're an herbal tea lover because you're sensitive to caffeine, we've got you covered. If you love wellness teas blended for healing, you're covered, if you love single origin teas, you're covered, and if you love blended teas, we've also got you covered. We promise that even if you're new to the loose leaf tea brewing world, or you're a connoissuer, we offer something for everyone. So, if you're ready to explore, be adventurous, or add to your already extensive tea inventory, we invite you to Visit YoTeas to learn more and while you're visiting us, sign up to receive updates on new teas, and discounts, and save 10% as a first time customer. Again, Happy YoTeas Holiday Season, & Happy Brewing!

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