Loose-Leaf Tea Versus Tea Bags

Loose-Leaf Tea Versus Tea Bags

Aloycia Woods

What many tea drinkers do not know is for thousands of years, many cultures around the globe have been infusing hot water with various roots, leaves, seeds, and bark to create a variety of botanical blends, which are used for many different health purposes. Regardless, of the ingredients, every blend was created the same way – by adding the ingredients into a device with hot water and allowing them to steep freely for a specified amount of time.

While, there are people who still prefer tea bags because they offer convenience, the advantages of brewing loose-leaf tea are endless. Brewing loose-leaf tea allows you to control the amount of tea you use, and it allows you to customize your flavors as you desire. The beauty of loose-leaf tea is you can see the quality of the tea leaf as it expands and releases its flavors, color, and aromas. Most loose-leaf teas can be brewed multiple times, versus teas bags which provides one brew and minimal quality and benefits. More importantly, not only do you consume a multitude of health benefits when steeping loose-leaf teas, you can also create your own personal blends with loose-leaf teas, which provides a creative freedom that cannot be duplicated with the use of tea bags. #looseleafteas #brewinglooseleaf #yoteas 

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