SKU: SC3004

Simply Chai Organic is a warm, piquant, and delightful 100% organic Chai Blend. A great alternative for those who wish to avoid large amounts of caffeine, sugar, and dairy products, which are commonly found in commercial Chai products. Simply Chai is not only invigorating and delicious but also stimulates the mind and is known to increase immunity. Simply Chai is an exotic beverage that is sure to satisfy your taste buds with or without milk! 

Tasting Notes: Deep, earthy, and warming. Simply Chai is hearty with an exotic allure


Organic Ginger root, organic and fair trade Cinnamon bark, organic and fair trade Darjeeling Tea, organic Cardamom, organic and fair trade Cloves, and organic and fair trade Nutmeg. Contains Caffeine.


Water Temperature: 206 F degrees 
Steep Time: 4-5 minutes 
Suggested Serving Size: 1 tsp/8oz