A Passion For Teas

Aloycia Woods

It's said that Time is our greatest commodity, but so is our Health!!! My passion for teas began many years ago before I ever understood there was something called the Camellia Sinensis tea leaf; but when I truly began to understand the science and many health benefits involved in tea consumption, I fell in love with loose leaf teas and began researching what makes this green tea leaf so extraordinary. As many of you may have read on my website yoteas.com, we offer many different varieties of organic loose leaf teas sourced from around the world. The reason we chose all-natural, organic teas is we wanted to ensure we delivered not just flavor, but a quality that our customers can depend on. Consuming loose leaf teas is an experience in which you become one with every sip, emerging with the array of flavors that wrap around your pallet. Whether you're a hot or cold tea lover, every tea can be brewed hot and enjoyed as a hot beverage, placed directly into the refrigerator or poured over ice for your favorite chilled iced tea. 

Most people are still trying to understand the world of loose leaf teas versus their ordinary tea bag consumption. But, fortunately, many are beginning to give up on not just their tea bags but also their daily cup of coffee to embrace and experience a delicious cup of brewed loose leaf tea. Tea is not just another flavored over-sweetened beverage, which most are used to consuming; loose leaf tea is filled with antioxidants, and health benefits to include weight loss, not to mention the anti-flu virus benefits as a result of the catechins found in loose leaf teas, stress reduction, and let's not forget the many flavors, and varieties. If this doesn't get your curiosity and palette stirring, then you're missing an incredible experience...Begin the journey and visit www.YoTeas.com 


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