Why Loose Leaf Teas???

Aloycia Woods

We live in a culture where most people love the social habit of coffee consumption. To most, tea consumption is simply placing a tea bag in a cup of hot water, adding some sugar or honey particularly when they don't feel good. Not the same excitement as sitting in a coffee shop and drinking a fresh cup of coffee while socializing with friends, or having a business meeting. The association between the social aspect of tea versus coffee is part of what drives most towards choosing coffee over tea. But In recent years, many are discovering the excitement in the variety of teas they can choose from and the endless flavor profiles and health benefits in consuming loose leaf teas, especially green teas. When you truly begin to explore and experiment with the different varieties of loose leaf teas, the excitement can quickly grow. 

Why would you choose loose leaf teas? Outside of its obvious health benefits, the many combinations you can choose, create and blend together to brew your perfect of cup of tea are endless. And just for the record, tea bags often include ingredients you'd probably rather not ingest. However, If you would like to begin exploring the world of loose leaf teas Visit Us At YoTeas and experience why so many are now turning to loose leaf teas as their daily beverage of choice. 

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