Holiday Tea Brewing

Aloycia Woods


The holidays are meant to be a festive time of the year, that we celebrate with family and friends. But, let's face it, this holiday season will not only feel different, but most of us will celebrate differently as a result of Covid's spread continuing to increase. Most will spend more time indoors with their families, and in some cases many will spend time alone. This is why Yoteas decided to start the holiday celebration festivities early and open the doors to savings$$$. When you spend $35-$50 dollars, you will recieve an extra 15% off your order, and when you spend $50-plus, you receive an extra 20% of your order and you also get an extra surprise...This is our way of saying thank you for supporting our 'Mission To Cultivate Conscious Healthy Living, One Brew, One Sip, One Cup At A Time.'  
Some People wake up and their first thought is having their cup of coffee. But, this holiday season we hope your first thought will be brewing your hot cup of YoTeas to comfort your soul and keep you warm. The Joy Of Tea Brewing is a journey, and an experience to savor in every sip. 
It's Time To Brew, Sip & Taste!
Here are your Holiday Promo Codes- Holiday15 (when you spend $35-$50 & Holiday20- when you spend $50-plus)...Remember to use your codes at check out...Note: All promo codes cannot be combined with any other promos, discounts or coupons.

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