Energizing Your Body The Healthy Way:

Aloycia Woods

When most people think of having more energy, they often choose the path of unhealthy energy drinks, tons of coffee or toxic sodas. This poses a problem because all the above choices are not only acidic to our bodies but unhealthy alternatives. At YoTeas.com we pride ourselves on conscious healthy living...What does that mean??? 

Try brewing our Organic Morning Kick, and receive a healthy burst of energy, without the crash of coffee...not to mention the antioxidants in every cup!!! You can also take a brisk walk and practice deep breathing techniques to bring oxygen to your cells. There are healthy alternatives to having and maintaining more energy throughout your day, that does not involve consuming unhealthy, sugary energy drinks...

If you are a coffee drinker, try to balance having your cup of coffee if you desire...in the morning, but then you can switch to our Morning Kick or one of our delicious Black teas...for example our (Organic Peach Nectar, Earl Grey, or Masala Chai), which are all packed with all the caffeine you need...without the crash... www.YoTeas.com

Consuming tea during the course of your day will keep your body alkaline and energized without the acidity, high sugar, or caffeine crash.



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