Your Tea Flavors

Aloycia Woods

Tea is an experience which takes us on a personal journey with ourselves or in the company of others. We all drink tea for various reasons, some for pure pleasure, some for socializing(tea time), others for the health benefits. Whatever your reason for consuming loose leaf tea, there is no doubt that tea is a delicious, healthy beverage. The flavors of different teas and its caffeine levels will depend primarily on how the tea leaf is processed when picked.

The above chart shows the different oxidation levels in all teas, and although this will not affect the health benefits of each tea, the oxidation levels will have an effect on the taste. If you choose to sip on loose leaf ice tea or hot, savor each moment within each sip...Brewing and consuming loose leaf tea will impact your life in ways unimaginable; whether you're a tea connoisseur or new to the world of tea, consuming loose leaf tea is TeaLicious!!! 

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