Learning About Oolong Teas:

Aloycia Woods

Sipping On Oolong Teas:

While Green Teas are the most widely talked about in the world of teas... Oolongs are known to be the most complicated! Oolong teas are made from large tea leaves. The appearance of finished oolong teas can range from light green to brown, long & twisted or rolled into tight tiny balls. Oolong teas can be very  intricate and tend to have the widest array of flavours and aromas. Some taste and smell of stone fruits, honey, floral (orchid is common), sandalwood and much more.

Oolongs tend to be more oxidized than white teas, but less than black and ranges anywhere from 35% to 80% oxidation level. Be open when you begin your tea journey because while green teas receive all the hype, oolong teas have some amazing benefits, and flavor profiles! Happy Brewing and Sipping!

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