Pairing Tea With The Right Foods:

Pairing Tea With The Right Foods:

Aloycia Woods

We thought this article would be helpful in shedding some light on the correct tea pairing! Many of us are still just beginning to learn of the concept of pairing tea with our food – proper, substantial meals that pair well. And yet, in the East they have drunk tea with their main dishes for centuries.

The art of tea pairing is still very much evolving in the West… but just as good food augments a good wine, and wine brings out the flavors of your dish, so too with teas.
The right tea can truly enhance the taste of the food on your plate… equally, get the pairing wrong, and the tea can be overwhelmed by the food (or the food drowned by too fulsome a tea).

Black teas with their robust flavors pair well with hearty, rich foods such as roast meats like beef, lamb and venison or heavy pasta dishes like lasagna.

Green teas with their earthy, vegetative palettes combine well with vegetarian dishes, salads, mild green curries, and light chicken dishes.

White teas tend to be very gentle, and if served with too rich a food will seem totally tasteless. Yet it would be a shame to miss their oh-so-subtle aromas. So these are best paired with very light foods such as white fish like sea bass or mild cheeses and desserts.

Oolong teas tend to vary but are in general quite smoky and complex and therefore pair perfectly with herby dishes, fruity desserts, and smoked cheeses and meats.

Fruit and scented teas are perfect for complex desserts, cakes and dark chocolate! Some even blend wonderfully with spicy meats – like Earl Grey for instance.
While full-bodied Chai teas match exotic Turkish sweet-meats and Indian pastries. Note: You can google this article for more insight!

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