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Aloycia Woods


Love is in the air with Valentines in the month of Feburary. So, what are you sharing with your partner or spouse, and how are you expressing your love? We're so use to believing that we have to buy an elaborate gift, but in reality we can share that level of devotion and love anytime of the year. So, why not give the gift of Tea,the gift of Health. Here's is what I am saying...Tea contains certain substances linked to better health, those substances are chemicals called polyphenols, specifically catechins and epicatechins. "These are found in tea, especially green teas. These polyphenols results from the fermentation process used to make green. 


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What's the evidence?

Some of the best circumstantial evidence on tea and health has come from large, long-term studies of doctors and nurses based at the Harvard School of Public Health: the female Nurses' Health Study and the male Health Professionals Follow-up Study.

By following these groups for long periods, researchers determined that tea drinkers are less likely over time to develop diabetes, compared with people who drink less tea. That makes sense, in light of research showing that polyphenols help regulate blood sugar (glucose).

As glucose rises in the blood, insulin shoots in from the pancreas to signal the cells to start metabolizing the glucose. Polyphenols seem to assist this process. "It makes cells more sensitive to insulin's effects," Sun says.

Some research suggests that tea drinking might be associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease. That's consistent with the lower risk of diabetes, which contributes to heart disease and stroke. Also, substances in tea may help to lower blood pressure or improve cholesterol. 

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