Tea Is Mindfullness

Aloycia Woods


When I drink a cup of tea, it's about mindfulness, meditation and relaxation, it's a moment for me to focus and center myself. Brewing and consuming loose leaf tea is a moment for us to become present, something we should all seek to do on a daily basis. We can use our tea experience to become more aware of our surroundings with more patience, because tea brewing requires a little time, as our water boils, we can enjoy the stillness of the moment. And once our water has completed boiling,we allow it to sit for a minute or two to ensure it's not too hot, particuarly if you're brewing green, white, black or oolong teas, we don't want to burn our leaves... Herbal teas can be brewed at boiling water temperatures to extract the full benefits from the leaves. 

Our tea steeper/brewer should be ready as we begin to pour our water and prepare to add our tea leaves. Watching the leaves unfold and expand is one of my favorite aspects of the tea brewing process, because it's so beautiful to watch how they unfold and fill the steeper; this is why our tea steeper/brewer should have the space capacity to accomodate the expansion of our tea leaves, this ensures we never lose any benefits or flavors. I have actually sat and experienced a meditative moment, watching my tea leaves unfold into my delicious cup of goodness which I enjoy so completely. I tend to love my tea hot because I love how the warmth feels as I inhale the aromas, while consuming and savouring each sip. So, if you're ready to experience the journey of loose leaf teas, I invite you take the leap and explore your flavor profile by brewing a variety of teas and herbs and allow yourself to be present with each brew and sip. The consumption of loose leaf teas provides not only an experience of mindfullness but a variety of health benefits to help keep you peaceful, tranquil and energized.

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