Best Teas To Boost Your Energy

Aloycia Woods


Consuming Loose Leaf Teas is definitely growing in popularity, because consumers are looking for healthier beverages to drink. Gone are the days of drinking sugary, artificially flavored drinks. While many still enjoy those unhealthy drinks, tea is earning the trust of consumers, particuarly because more people are searching for ways to feel and live healthier. And, while tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, consumers still need to be educated about the benefits of loose leaf teas and herbal blends because they are hungry for a healthier lifestyle, especially since being faced with Covid. . 

The first thing you have to determine when deciding which teas you would like to consume is ask yourself if you would prefer caffeinated or non-caffeinated because some people are caffeine sensitive. Next you can decide if you want to try green, blacks, oolongs, white teas or herbal teas, although they all originate from the same plant, they all processed differently.. Once you make this decision, you can then choose if you want pure teas, blended teas or just herbal tea blends, but also, keep in mind when deciding if you are chosing to consume loose leaf teas based on a specific health issue, or just an overall need to consume for a healthier lifestyle. . 

If you are ready to kick start your morning with energy and vibrancy without the rise and crash. Here are four options to get you started:

  1. Black Tea, which is a classic morning pick-me-up and loved by many. especially coffee drinkers, and you can find an unlimited blend of black teas to acomodate your palett. 
  2. Pu-erh Teas, is is the closest to balck teas, but it's aged and partially fermented black tea that's high in caffeine.. 
  3. Matcha, is produced from shade-grown green tea leaves, which is then stone-ground into a fine powder. But, the quality of the matcha you consume is important...such as...the color, it must be a rare tea, dreamy frothability, and a long, smooth finish.
  4. Mate, is a South American herbal caffeine-rich infused drink with similar benefits to loose leaf teas. It's made by soaking dried leaves of the holy species llex paraguariensis plant. But, there are also herbs that provide us with energy such as, ginger and peppermint.

To learn more about loose leaf teas you can conduct your own research as well as Visit 



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